Thursday, July 30, 2009

Budreau's Backwater Supper Club & Lounge - Rhinelander, WI

Sometimes finding a place to eat is as easy as throwing a dart; in our case it was find a phonebook, open to restaurants and throw a dart; where it lands is where you eat. It’s very scientific and takes all the decision making out of the process. So we are off to Budreau’s Backwater Supper Club and Lounge. The word backwater conjures up all sorts of images of swamps, everglades, and the creature from the black lagoon in this case it is pretty much on target. The bar has a gorgeous view of a swamp; I am hoping the food is better than the view. This place definitely has an AARP clientele, the upside is tonight the Little Marinara and I are among the youngest in the place. Anyway we slide into a nice corner spot at the bar, Marilyn orders a Vodka and Cranberry and I order my usual Martini, I ask for it up and the bartenders says ‘you want that on the rocks’ – umh – no – up as in no ice. I get a drink that is about 50/50 Vodka and Vermouth, the bartender is a bit put-out when I explain that my drink has the flavor and odor of paint thinner, he whines but mixes it again. I ask if I can smoke a cigar and am told no problem – the evening is getting better. Some friends join us and we have another cocktail and decide to order, about that time the bartender comes back and tells me I have to put out my cigar because some geezer in the other room is complaining to the owner about the smell, (the owner doesn’t say anything to me he sends the bartender. Someone needs to grow a pair). Anyway the cigar is almost done so I don’t complain, at least not too much and we go into eat.

They have a small limited salad bar with the customary pasta, salad, dressings, veggies and slaw. The place is not busy but it takes a long time for the food to come up, by the time the food arrives there is only one other table in the dining room and it is not even 7:45 PM. The fish finely arrives; we ordered the Friday Fish Fry but mine looks like large fish McNuggets with commercial fries and portion controlled tarter sauce to make matters worse it has absolutely no flavor whatsoever. The Little Marinara has nothing to say – bad sign. Worse yet is the waitress thinks this is the way a fish fry is supposed to be.

So let’s recap: Cocktails – don’t waste you money drink beer, Food – don’t’ waste your money drink beer, Cigars – go somewhere else.

The Big Ragu gives this a 2 outa 5 – somewhere there is a trucker that will like this.

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  1. Your reviews are worth little more than comic relief, suitable only for leisurely bathroom reading to pass the time between bowel movements. If you're going to attempt to sound intellectual enough to provide a resource of information to others, at least spell check. And have someone with a high school-equivalent competency for grammar correct your obscene run-on and fragmented sentences.