Friday, July 24, 2009

True's Tic-Toc Club - Wausau, WI

I have always subscribed to the theory that you go to certain restaurants for specific items. Once again the theory has proven to be true; case in point Treu’s Tic–Toc Club at 1201 West Thomas Street in Wausau, WI. This is a great local watering hole and they serve some of the best burgers, fries and onion rings in town. The minute I walk in the door my arteries start to throb in anticipation of how I will again abuse my body. A few years ago they (Treu’s) decided to upscale the joint, add some flat screens and a no-smoking section and gasp expand the menu. They should have expanded some cooking skills also.

The Little Marinara and I are in town today so we decide to try a fish fry at the Tic-Toc. We get there at 11:30 am and the place is packed, we see two seats at the bar and slide in before someone else gets them. I feel the gentle claws of a female scratching my back and it turns out that our good friend (and one of the best waitresses in town) Brenda is now working here. This is a huge plus for the Tic-Toc and us. I order the perch with fries and potato salad; Marilyn orders the haddock with fries and German potato salad. The Little Marinara is miffed, she gets two pieces of fish and the Big Ragu gets 4 (That’s why I am the Big Ragu). The fish, cole slaw and potato salad are almost average. The breading on my fish has a pasty consistency. Well it turns out they put the fish on top of the fries, remember what I said about my arteries – the fries are greasy, but then that’s why they are good. Anyway the fish have soaked up all the grease from the fries kind of like an expensive paper towel.

Bottom line- a great bar for burgers, fries, and onion rings; skip the fish. I feel like Brett Farve today – I am conflicted and cannot make a decision - at least on the Big Ragu’s rating
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