Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pitlik's - Sugar Camp

In 1928 Charles Comiskey, yes that's correct, Comiskey of the Chicago White Sox Fame sold some waterfront and land to the Pitlik family. This resort and supper club is now operated by the 5th generation of the Pitlik's. The lounge and restaurant have a wonderful view overlooking Sand Lake. When you walk into the lounge the sign over the fire place states "Cast your troubles away", or perhaps you just want to drink them away. The bar/lounge is full of high polished wood with a few fish and deer heads on the wall. It is for the most part a very inviting setting and it was getting me in the mood - for a Friday Fish Fry that is. The Little Marnaria ordered her Vodka and Cranberry and I of course requested my Martini. I got the thumbs up on my cigar and Friday evening was off to a great start. Finding a good Martini in Rhinelander is not an easy task, but here we were just two steps from the edge of nowhere and I was wrapping my lips around an icy glass filled with the silver nectar of the gods. Sometimes it is really good to be me. Our bartender Steve is a transplant from Buffalo NY who confessed he was in love with the area and would never return to the East Coast...wait a few winters my friend. Marilyn noticed that there were purse hooks under the bar a nice touch for the ladies, or for those of you studs who carry a man-purse. We arrived about 5:00 pm and by 5:45 the place was almost full, the hostess held a table for us by the window and we sat down to order.

The Friday Fish Fry menu has several great selections. Deep fried or baked cod for $10.99, blue gill or walleye for $15.99 or the 'Over the Limit' (that's an upscale supersize) serving for $18.99. They also have some great appetizers such as fried dill pickles for $3.99, sweet potato fries for $4.99, duck strips for $6.99 and my favorite a crawfish basket for $6.99. There are not a lot of places in Northern WI serving mudbugs, but I found one..

Our waitress came for the order at 6:10 pm and we did not see her again until 6:40 pm, no water, no bread, and no drink order. In all fairness she looked like she was struggling with her tables earlier in the evening. Marilyn and I both ordered the cod, she was baked (this could be the source of some humor that could get me in deep trouble) and I was deep fried (umh possible college humor) - why change at this stage of my life. My plate contained three pieces of hot lightly breaded flakey cod. Cole slaw some pasta salad and waffle fries. I normally do not care for waffle fries because they are usually dry, these however were very good. The cole slaw and pasta salad did not do so well, unfortunately neither of them had any flavor, they were just bland.

Pitlik's is located at 4833 Sand Beach Road, Eagle River, WI which is really West of Sugar Camp. All in all it was a good evening and the Big Ragu give this place a 3 outa 5.

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  1. we have enjoyed this place for years, we usually get the Blue Gill which is very good.

  2. I do enjoy Blue Gill- very WI.