Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Circle K - Rhinelander, WI

Have you ever been to a place that when you walked inside people stopped talking and just looked at you?  I found one.  The Circle K has a kind of sterile environment - no log siding and no animal parts on the walls; there is however, an ATM and a pool table.  The ATM must be for the pull tabs.  There was a blue haze over the bar and no objection to my smoking a cigar, but this is about where the fun ended.   The Little Marinara ordered a beer and I ordered my usual Martini - wrong move - there was a discussion on the other end of the bar as to what was in a Martini.  The bartender came back and asked me if it was with the "white stuff or the red stuff" - I ordered a Miller to save us both some pain.

We both decided to order the Fish Fry which turned out to be some breaded deep fried cod with a few fries  a plastic cup of cole slaw and a piece of rye bread.  This place is why people stay home to eat.  The Big Ragu gives this a 2 outa 5
Schultzie's Circle K Saloon on Urbanspoon


  1. I agree this place is margional at best.

  2. Maybe to outsiders...that's why you're outsiders...try being a local or just stay home.

  3. douchebag with a cigar

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