Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Fireside - Rhinelander, WI

I admit it I like the Fireside. There must be some kind of affinity I have with the obligatory Northwood’s décor there aren’t any dead animals hanging on the walls but there is a great view over Town Line lake.  I also like the personal touch, if you have been there once or twice Margo the Hostess/Owner, will call you by your first name. Most of the wait staff has been working here for over ten years and they know their customers and how to make them feel wanted.  How many times have you been to a place where you are just another bag of bones walking in the door?  The major plus is this is one of the few places that can make a Martini the way I like it – chilled straight-up glass, shaken, and a twist done the correct way, the Little Marinara can get a good Cosmo – the weekend starts off good.

What I really like is the Friday Fish Fry.  You can order from the bar then slide into your table and enjoy Friday night, as it should be, all you can eat.  The Little Marinara usually has the Tilapia, which is always good, but I can always make that at home and just as good as anywhere I can order it.  If I put in a commercial deep fryer we could also do the fish fry, but then once a week on fried food is enough.  That’s really BS, everyday would be good, but then I would need to set-up weekly appointments at Cardiovascular Associates.

Arriving at the table we find it has been set with sides of pasta salad, marble rye with ice cold WI butter, homemade tarter Sauce, cole slaw, and potato salad.  The potato salad outside of Marilyn’s is the best I have ever had – I am told that Margo makes it every week herself.  The cod has a light breading and is always hot when served.  The downside is the Fries; they aren’t bad just average.

They don’t take reservations on Friday night, but if you get there early you can get your request in for a table by the fireplace, it offers some protection from the hungry hordes of summer tourists.  The Friday night Fish Fry is $12.95 about average for most places.  The Big Ragu gives this a 4 outa 5

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  1. We have also enjoyed the Fireside, the Prime Rib is always goood in Saturday evenings. Any suggestions for the Sugar Camp area?

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  3. Just posted a piece on Pitlik's in Sugar Camp.

  4. We like the Fireside; but the Rhinelander Cafe, the Al Gen and the Claridge are even better.