Friday, September 11, 2009

Fish Scraps - Tidbits from Milwaukee

The Little Marinara and I were enjoying a few cocktails and a great view of the lake last evening and we started discussing Fish Frys in Milwaukee. The end result was a decision to put together some snapshots of several places. Please add your comments and additions to the list.

American Serb Hall – South Side - 5101 W. Oklahoma Ave. For some reason this place is always listed as the best Fish Fry in Milwaukee. Don’t believe it. It is however, probably the biggest in Milwaukee. Serb Hall claims they serve between 1,500-2,000 dinners on a Friday evening and I can believe it. The place is a huge barn and the customers are treated like cattle. If you believe that fish are shaped like a hockey puck then this is your place.
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Turner Hall – Now Known as Historic Turner Hall Downtown - 1034 North 4th Street, Milwaukee. Turner Hall also claims to have the best Fish Fry in Milwaukee. Once again a myth, save your money.
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The Packing House
-South Side-900 E. Layton Ave. This is always a good choice, great cocktail lounge, good Fish Fry with all the necessary side dishes, and always busy on Friday evenings. If you are in a hurry they have a drive-thru window to get a fish fry to go.
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Saz's State House –West Side- 5539 W. State St. The little Marinara and I have been here many times and have not been disappointed. Saz’s of course is known for ribs and pulled pork sandwiches, but their Fish Fries are wonderful. Get it fried or baked but make sure you add an order of Onion Rings.
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The Butler Inn –North West - 12400 W. Hampton Ave. The place has been around forever, and so has their food, the Fish Fry is average.
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The Open Hearth Restaurant -
2930 N. 117th St., Wauwatosa. The Open Hearth has been in business for at least 25 years. Their fish fry includes: fresh Walleye Pike, Lake Perch and Haddock, all battered or broiled. Always good and always busy.
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The Schwabenhof
- 14750 W. Silver Spring Dr. The Schwabenhof offers a Fish Fry on Wednesday and Friday evenings. Sides include choice of German Potato Salad, Potato Pancakes, French fries or Baked Potato, Cole Slaw and Homemade Tartar Sauce (the best). They offer the traditional Fish Fry (Cod) as well as Lake Perch, and Walleye Pike. For those of you who don’t like a WI Fish Fry (go back to IL) you can always get Fried Chicken and Ribs.
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George Webbs – All around town. 
I like Webb’s you can get just about anything at any time including a the traditional Perch Fish Fry with French Fries, Cole Slaw and Rye Bread. Sometimes this is the perfect Friday Fish Fry at 1:00 am. The sweet sounds of the Bagpipes may be from Don Hensiak.


  1. you've gotta check out mulligans irish pub and grill in franklin. they have an amazing fish fry and the chef specials are outstanding.

  2. According to me,This place is a huge barn and the customers are treated like cattle. If you believe that fish are shaped like a hockey puck then this is your place.

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  3. Judson, if you are referring to Mulligans Irish pub and grill in Franklin, then you've obviously never been there or tried their fish fry.