Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saxe's - Delafield, WI

Just off Hwy 18 and about ½ mile to the West of Hwy 83 tucked in the Kettle Moraine hills you will find Saxe’s Restaurant.  The owners are Tom and Lynn Saxe who were once in the movie theater business but sold 1985 and opened this restaurant.  I was in town for a few days and met my good friend and Masonic Brother Joe Harker for a late dinner meeting.  I have enjoyed lunch at Saxe’s many times and also a good Fish Fry on a Friday evening, but that is a tale for another story.

This was the middle of the week and owner Tom Saxe was behind the bar and Tony was working the tables.  Saxe’s went smoke free recently so the Big Ragu had to forgo his cigar.  Fortunately they did not go alcohol free.  Tom mixed a Martini for us and we were good to go for the evening.

The specials this evening were steak – several different ways, Diane, Sicilian or a NY with Garlic Mashed Potatoes.  I went for the NY and Joe tried the Chicken and Dumplings, Joe just got back from a 4-day golf outing with the boys and wanted to let his arteries flush out.  Tony brought us a hot loaf of bread and a Cilantro infused Olive Oil for dipping.  The side salad was fresh and crisp as it should be.

 Service was very good; Tony had a sense of humor and was very attentive and professional.  I liked the presentation of the food; my NY came with Onion Strings, Two large Shrimp and Garlic Mashed Potatoes.  The steak was small but properly cooked to a medium rare, which is hard on a thin piece of meat.  My only complaint was that the potatoes were cool on the inside and warm on the outside (bad nuke job).  I wasn’t really interested in potatoes and only wanted a taste so I didn’t say anything.  Joe said his Chicken and Dumplings were great, it was presented well and of a generous portion.

Most of you know that I am not a desert person, however, Tony did the age-old restaurant tactic of showing me a sample of the special deserts for the evening.  I am usually a sucker for this.  I gave in and had the Flan with a cup of coffee.  Flan is a type of baked custard with a caramelized sugar base and can be dressed up with sauces, fresh fruit or in this case both.  Think of it as a Crème Broulee on steroids.  Just look at the photo and drool– it melted in my mouth.

It was a good evening and I will be back with the Little Marinara.

This Big Ragu gives this a 4 Outa 5

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