Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Buckshots Saloon - Eagle River, WI

The Little Marinara and I received an email from Don in Rhinelander telling us that the best Fish Fry in the area could be found at Buckshots Saloon in Eagle River, WI.  Since it was a nice Saturday in Fall we decided to go for a drive and ended up at Buckshots for lunch and the Badger Game (Go Big Red).  My first impression was; how do they move a lot of people through here on a Friday evening?  The bar is fairly large but the dining room has three 4 tops and one 6 top.  They must have a long wait for tables, of course in the Summer there is outside dining on a covered deck.  We looked over the menu and decided to have a Burger and Patty Melt with Ho-Made Chips and Frys.  Our waitress is trying to take an order but I am busy contemplating the Ho-Made part of the menu.  Were they made from scratch - this is where my sick mind starts to work overtime.  Since I couldn't let it go I decided to ask the expert in these matters, our waitress.  I ordered the Ho-Made Chips and Frys and she told me that only the Chips were Home made.  The Little Marinara pointed out that the menu clearly stated Ho-Made Chips and Frys.  Our waitress looked at us like we were nuts and I decided it was time to go to the mens room...no Ho's there.

Despite all the BS about Ho's , the Chips and Frys were very good and hand-cut.  Marilyn's Burger was juicy and huge and my Patty Melt was hot, juicy and flavorful.  Best of all the Badgers pulled it out in the end and beat the Golden Gophers.  God I am glad I didn't go to MN - who the hell wants to be called a Gopher almost as bad as a Buckeye.

Buckshots is a bit of a drive but we will be back for the Fish Fry some Friday evening.

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  1. Great fish fry on Friday nights.

  2. Best burgers around! Pizza is awesome too!! This is a favorite dining spot for us every time we go to Eagle River!