Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ten Point Bar and Grill - Harshaw, WI

With a name like Ten Point Bar ad Grill I expected to walk into a smoke filled room with a bunch of dead animals protruding from the walls. Surprise, the Ten Point is a gem, nice bar and plenty of table seating, in fact they removed the pool table to accommodate more dining.  The first thing I expect when entering a new place is to have the local patrons look at me like I am from Mars - but not here.  We were greeted by the owner Tyrone Smoker with a friendly smile and several rounds of hello from those already seated at the horseshoe shaped bar.  Marilyn had a beer and I had my usual Martini, and to my surprise I was asked if I wanted it up or on the rocks, things were looking good.  I was told there was not problem with my cigar and I was ecstatic.

The Ten Point is family run business with a sandwich menu, breakfast on the weekends and of course the mandatory Friday Fish Fry.  I ordered deep fried lake perch and Marilyn had baked cod.  This was some of the best perch I have had in years, very light breading and generous portions.  I also had the homemade German Potato Salad which was outstanding and only available on Fridays.  At $9.95 for the Perch and reasonable prices for drinks you cannot go wrong with the Ten Point.

The Ten Point Bar and Grill is located at 3983 Harshaw Rd, Harshaw, WI 54592 - 715-282-5302

On the Big Ragu's scale they get a solid 4.

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