Sunday, May 3, 2009

What the heck is a fish fry?

One of the most distinctive traditions in Wisconsin is the Friday Fish Fry.  From local churches, American Legion Halls, local bars to established restaurants, the Friday night fish fry is a requirement for survival inside the Cheddar Curtain.

From as early as I can remember when Friday night came around my Dad would pack the car and it would be off to the American Legion for a fish fry and then ‘Up North’ to the cottage for the weekend. 

Go some place outside of Wisconsin and mention a Fish Fry and they will look at you like an idiot.  The origin of the Friday fish fry is a result of a strong Catholic community which admonished their parishioners not to eat meat on Friday, toss in lent and the fact that Cheeseheads are traditionally frugal and you have the Friday fish fry.  Top this off with our German Heritage and you have the perfect combo – beer and fried fish, a cardiologists dream patient.

Traditionally the fish fry is deep fried cod, haddock or perch, with French fries or potato pancakes and applesauce, coleslaw, and a slice of marble rye with butter.  My arteries start to clog with the mere thought of this tradition.

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  1. Hello Mike and Marilyn. Blog well done! My favorite "fish frys" occur on the shores of a Canadian lake with deep fried walleye and northern pike, hashbrown potatoes, and possible a gourmet Little Debbies Nutty Bar. For those that have never experienced a Canadian fishing trip, you wouldn't understand. My best to you both and of course Kramer....Jesse